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Еженедельная новостная колонка от Aquarium Glaser, Сентябрь-1, 2011

Уважаемые друзья!

Вашему вниманию все новостные колонки от Aquarium Glaser GmbH:
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This week´s news: corys of the Corydoras pulcher and Corydoras schwartzi relationship

Corydoras pulcher and Corydoras schwartzi belong to the most beautiful and also to the most wanted Corys at all. Currently we have four of the five species of the group in stock, so we take the opportunity to present them to you.
Corydoras pulcher

This cory originates from the system of the Rio Purus in Brazil. It becomes around 7 cm long. Usually the species has three stripes on the flanks. 
The central stripe runs along the middle of the fish, exactly where the lateral dorsal and the lateral ventral plates meet. 
During breeding season the males (and also the females, but not so extensive) develop a wimple-like dorsal fin.

Code: 241705
Corydoras cf. pulcher


This cory is very similar to C. pulcher, but has usually only two stripes on the flanks, one above and one below the middle of the fish. Moreover, it has a shorter snout. However, there are also specimens that look pretty much like "normal" C. pulcher, so it is still unknown whether this fish represents a variety of C. pulcher or another species.

Code: 244503

Corydoras schwartzi


This good old fashioned, but still very beautiful cory originates from the system of the Rio Purus in Brazil. In contrast to the other species mentioned here the dorsal spine is only occasionally cream-white. The species belongs to the group of stout Corydoras with round noses.
 It can be quite easily recognized by the black spot under the dorsal fin. C. schwartzi becomes around 5 cm long.

Code: 244503
Corydoras sp. C141

One could term this beautiful cory also the long-nose schwartzi. Obviously the species has not been described scientifically yet. It is not known from which river the fish originates. 
Sometime C141 is confused with C. ornatus, but the latter has never a cream-white dorsal spine. C141 attains a length of about 6 cm.

Code: 241724

Corydoras sp. CW28


This gorgeous cory looks like an XXL-variety of C. schwartzi with the dorsal fin of a C. pulcher. They are splendid animals which we were able now for the first time in a very limited number. The size is about 6 cm.

Code: 244565

Lexicon: Corydoras: from ancient Greek, means „with helmet and spear“. This refers to the strong armor and fin spines. pulcher: Latin, means "beautiful". schwartzi: dedication name for the exporter Willy Schwartz.

Please note that we exclusively supply the wholesale trade.

Text & photos: Frank Schäfer

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